Why Does My Printer Take So Long to Print? 12 Common Issues and Solutions

Because the printer is slow, I’m curious to know why. When using a printer, expect a lengthy printout time. But there are numerous possible explanations for the delay in progress.

If you are having problems printing because it takes a long time on your printer, the problem is probably one that can be easily fixed by another person.

Make sure your printer’s ink cartridges are clean and free of water or lint buildup, and that all connections are connected correctly to the printer’s ports and that the printer has been powered on.

There are a number of reasons why your printer takes so long to print, and we’ll go through 12 of the most popular solutions in this piece.

Why Does My Printer Take So Long to Print?

There Is A Lack Of Ink

One possibility is that you’ve run out of ink in your printer. There are several reasons why printers take so long to print, and this is one of the most prevalent.

To save money, you may purchase refills or replacement cartridges. You may also learn about the many types of printer ink cartridges on our site if you want high-quality printing output.

Inability To Use A Usb Port

It might take a long time to print if your printer is hooked up to a USB port that doesn’t function.

In this case, if you’re using an adaptor for the plug-in, this may be the reason why printing takes so long.

Check to see whether the computer detects the USB cable when you plug it in.

Printing A Document On Both Sides

If you’re not printing papers or images on both sides, this might also slow down your printer.

Because there aren’t two passes of ink application, this may cut down on the time required for each page by half.

These sheets also consume less ink if you’re using high-capacity ink cartridges as opposed to single-sided ones.

There are seven major differences between wired and wireless printers.

Low Memory

Having a low memory card in your printer might potentially create problems. What’s the problem with my printer?

In the event that you don’t have enough capacity on your device to upload any more photographs, make sure they are stored on an external drive or in the cloud before trying them out again.

The printer may not be getting a signal from the PC telling it to start printing if your photographs still take a long time to print.

Check to see if there are any open USB ports, and if so, switch them on if they aren’t currently in use. When I attempt to print a file, my printer keeps asking me what I want to do with it.

WIFI Accessibility

Some Wi-Fi connection difficulties or problems with devices interacting correctly might also be causing your printer to take too long.

Is there anything wrong with my wireless printer that is causing it not to function properly at times?

Large-scale Printing Projects

If you use a printer with an automatic document feeder, you might be able to keep the quality of your work consistent.

The machine may halt if it senses overheating from continuous printing, so sending big print jobs in five-or ten-page chunks may help prevent delays.

When the electricity is restored after a power outage, you’ll have extra time to pause before halting again!


When printing papers in black instead of colour, it may seem that the inkjet printer takes longer.

However, this isn’t the case at all! In order to produce your papers, you may have to mix and match different quantities and kinds of coloured inks.

They are different entities, but since a black-and-white design layout does not require “merging” before copying or faxing, there is no need for this step.

Using hues other than those printed on paper material preloaded into each machine won’t compromise the quality of your print job, so don’t be concerned.

Outdated Driver

Slow print speeds may be caused by an out-of-date driver.

A printer driver is a basic computer application that drives your printer’s hardware and enables us humans (or “users”) to utilise it as well.

As a consequence, drivers play a critical role in getting the most out of these gadgets.

Check with our support team to see if they say anything different; maybe there is an update available that will fix all of your issues?

Some individuals claim success after returning to an earlier version rather than installing after their programme became damaged during installation or removal. If this happens to you, don’t panic.


When it comes to printing, a decent USB connection may make all the difference. See if you can find one that is less than two metres long and that is linked directly to your computer, without the need for hubs or other third-party devices.

If there are no wires that can be seen, electromagnetic radiation that could slow down printing will be blocked better.

If either end of the pins that send data inside an enclosure is loose, you should switch to a different cable.

Most people need a minimum of 2 metres.

A Computer System

The print spooler is responsible for handling all printing requests sent by your computer.

Having a lot of unfinished work on your hard drive may slow down the processing of these projects since there is less capacity to keep them.

Make sure that any files or folders that are now being used by programmes or apps are not affecting the amount of free disc space that is available throughout this operation.

Also, try to see if there have been any recent system file maintenance issues.

Mistakes may appear as soon as an hour after they occur, even if no prior errors have occurred (like excessive programme load times).

The Settings

Print driver settings may be to blame for sluggish printing rates.

For quicker results, go for “best quality” or a specific kind of paper. If all else fails, merely display the downloaded printer without extra advantage from more expensive sheets. improved performance with text documents in high resolution

Then, to be safe, pick ordinary rather than specialty material to make sure your end is correct.

There is a chance that something else has to be addressed first, which would require a lengthy conversation beyond our time allotment today, so please let me know if anything is unclear.

Wrong Sheet of Paper

If you’re using the wrong paper, printing might take a long time. In order to get the best possible results, make sure there is no water damage and that the print driver settings are adjusted appropriately.

Text papers may need low-quality or simple pages in order to speed up the process.

High-resolution printing, on the other hand, just slows down your printer without adding any extra benefits, so be sure to rule this out before making a general assumption.

Make sure they’re in sync by using distinct media in each location.

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