Top 10 Useful Instagram Tips for Artists

Get on Instagram when you want to get your work in front of more people! It’s a great tool for visual artists who want to spread their work and expand their fan base.

So if you haven’t set up an Instagram account for your work, you’re losing out on a great opportunity! Instagram has a lot of potential to grow your audience. Increasing the number of clients, sales, and gallery features are all possible outcomes of this.

There is a lot more to social media than just creating an account and sharing pictures. Instagram’s most popular digital artists are those who know what they’re doing.

So, if you want your work to get seen on Instagram, you’ll need a plan. It’s crucial to distinguish out from the crowd since there are so many artists. To get more followers on Instagram, you’ll need to know how to work with the platform’s algorithm.

Check out these Instagram guidelines for artists and get started now!

For Artists, Is Instagram A Good Thing?

As an artist, you have a unique opportunity with Instagram. In the past, if you wanted to be a successful visual artist, you had to have access to powerful people. A lack of connections meant that it was tougher to get started.

Instagram for artists

There were several chances to get your work in front of the public and create your reputation in the early days. Instagram, on the other hand, gives you the ability to take use of its strength.

Thousands, if not millions, of people might see your work if it becomes viral. It would be a mistake to overlook Instagram, which has an estimated one billion users.

Instagram is all about beautiful, high-quality photographs. In other words, it’s ideal for showcasing your artwork. Whether it’s digital art, watercolours, drawings or even comic art, this is true

Artists of many genres may use Instagram to connect with their intended audience. It is now easier for artists to achieve their goals.

Discover my best Instagram tips for artists in the following paragraphs.

The 10 Most Useful Instagram Tips for Artists

1. Creating a professional Instagram account for your artwork is the first step.

An account for your painting or sculpture is the first step. Personal and professional lives must remain distinct.

Because you don’t want your Instagram feed to become cluttered and confused as your account grows.

Consider the following case: In a post, you show off an item that you’re particularly proud of. It’s stunning, and it’s attracting a lot of attention. People are intrigued by your work and visit your profile to see more.

There is a mix of what you ate for lunch and vacation photos that people view. Because of this, they must sift through your work and designs to discover them.

Create a Professional Instagram Account for Your Art

You don’t want this to happen! Ideally, the people who follow your Instagram account should be able to get something of value from their experience. Art-related topics are the only ones that should be addressed. If you’re wondering about the one exception to this rule, read on.)

In other words, it’s essential to get things going on the right foot from the get-go. Create a new account and give it a name that you’ll remember. A smart or snappy title is not required.

Make sure your account’s focus is on the arts so that your followers understand what you’re all about. Avoid any underscores and other punctuation or digits, so it appears clean and is simple to write.

It’s best to start with a business account rather than a personal one. Advanced features, such as analytics and insights, are only available with a commercial account. Because of this, you can observe what resonates with your audience and what doesn’t.

2. How to Post Digital Art on Instagram

Your account is now ready for use. Posting anything there is the next step.

Uploading photos and videos to Instagram is a breeze. A smartphone or a laptop may be used for this task, whichever is most convenient.

How to Upload Digital Art to Instagram

Get started with this step-by-step tutorial! In this guide, we’ll go through how to upload images, videos, and Instagram Stories to your account. Keep reading to learn more about each of these Instagram post kinds.

If you want to publish to Instagram on a regular basis, consider using an Instagram scheduler. Various Instagram tools, both free and paid, are readily available.

Scheduling material weeks or months ahead of time is easy with these tools. If you want to generate a lot of material at once or make sure you publish often, this is a good option. If you’re looking to build your Instagram account, this is an essential step.

3. Improve Your Bio and Add A Link

Make your Instagram account more user-friendly in this phase. As a result, when visitors arrive at your account, they know immediately what it is all about and what it can do for them.

Your Instagram bio may be found just below your username. This is where you tell the world about yourself and your work. Make it clear and simple so that it’s easy to understand and utilise.

I suggest limiting your bio to three or fewer lines, if possible. You may use emojis to break up the text and make it more visually appealing. If you’re a painter, for example, an emoji of a paintbrush might be appropriate.

Optimize Your Bio & Add a Link

Your profile should also include a link to your website or blog. You’ll be able to link to your website or online store immediately from your bio. One another good idea to cut your bio to a short. Your link may be hidden if there are too many lines.

Take use of the power of social media by pointing your audience to the link. ‘See more of my paintings here!’ is a simple example.

Your Instagram bio is limited to one link. However, if you’d want to incorporate more than one link, a site like Linktree may help. With it, you may construct a page with as many links as you like. Because visitors are hesitant to go on a random link, make sure to properly mark each of these links.

4. Make Your Instagram Feed Look Spectacularly Beautiful

The technical elements of creating your profile have been addressed. This is when you may check out your Instagram feed.

It’s critical that your grid has a pleasing aesthetic appearance. You want to utilise the best photographs you can find. So, brushing up on your photography abilities (and even investing in a better camera) is also worthwhile.

All of your photographs must work together to create a coherent and balanced grid. In other words, avoid placing too many images with a lot going on in close proximity to one another.

It’s important to leave some blank space in your design. Images with light backgrounds, for example, might provide as a counterpoint to works that are too bright and cluttered.

Make Your Instagram Grid Look Gorgeous

Quote graphics may also be a fun way to spice things up. Why? Because sometimes little is more.

It’s critical that you consider your Instagram account’s overall look and feel. Is it fresh and light, bright and strong, or sombre and spooky? Of course, it must be compatible with your own aesthetic.

Keep your grid constant and in line with the style you’ve established. Creating a grid and visualising how it will appear is a smart idea before you publish. Batch scheduling is advantageous for this reason as well.

Using tools like Later, you can preview how your Instagram posts will appear before you post them. Then, you may rearrange the posts to get the finest possible arrangement.

Listed below are some examples of material and pictures you may include:

  • Finished pieces of art
  • Sneak glances at your current projects and a look around your workspace
  • A work-in-progress sits on your desk.
  • Drawings in pencil
  • Take a picture of yourself displaying your work.
  • Photographs of you at work Your creative process

Despite the fact that you may wish to concentrate on your work, it’s a good idea to include a picture of yourself on your Instagram account. Despite the fact that it might be unnerving to upload a photo of yourself on social media, postings with photos tend to attract more interaction. So, plan a few self-portraits into your grid. It’s a terrific way to meet new people and get your name out there!

5. Do a Competitive Analysis of Your Rivals

In the process of creating your profile, you could find yourself short in imagination. Investigating what your rivals are doing is a smart strategy.

If you know other artists on Instagram, check out their Instagram feeds to see what they’re up to. You may get some ideas from them and discover what works and what doesn’t work for them.

Do Competitor Research

The idea of duplicating someone else’s work is not something I would advocate. However, you may be able to pick up some new tips on how to showcase your own work in the process.

Check at your competition’s postings to determine whether they include calls to action or hashtags.

6. Choosing Quality Above Quantity: Make A Schedule And Follow It Religiously

In the beginning, it might be thrilling to post on Instagram since it’s so new. There’s a good chance that it will quickly become just another item on your to-do list.

I suggest considering how often you can publish to Instagram before deciding how often to post. Then, take into consideration the amount of time it takes to generate and connect with that material.

How to upload digital art to Instagram

You don’t have to publish every day to be productive, but it’s a good idea to post often. Choosing a timetable and adhering to it is more crucial.

If you just have time to publish once a week, that’s OK, too. However, you should make an effort to establish a regular schedule and stick to it. So Instagram will reward you and your followers will be aware of when you post. As a consequence

7. Use Hashtags to Promote Your Instagram Art

Here’s one more Instagram business and influencer trick you should know. Make sure to include hashtags in your social media posts!

You may reach a wide audience with the use of hashtags. This is because users who utilise certain hashtags on Instagram will see your photos.

how to get your art noticed on Instagram. Use Hashtags 

As a result, it’s crucial to use the proper hashtags. You want to use hashtags that are popular with your intended demographic. When it comes to hashtags, you also need to choose the proper size. When using too many hashtags, your picture will be moved down too soon, and it won’t be seen by any of your followers.

Make sure to include popular local hashtags if you want to connect with people in your region. That will guarantee that your work is seen by the relevant individuals!

Researching the finest hashtags is a worthwhile investment of time. If your rivals are doing well on Instagram, look into the hashtags they are using!

As if that wasn’t enough of a revelation, the ideal amount of hashtags is always changing. If your hashtag strategy worries you, don’t worry about it too much.

8. It’s Time To Connect With Your Fans

Another important consideration is that social media is, by its very nature, supposed to be shared with others. As a result, it is imperative that you engage with others and establish meaningful relationships.

After you’ve posted, stay active for at least 15 minutes, but 30 minutes or more is much better. So don’t simply post and go away!

Engage with your Followers

How should you use your free time now? First and foremost, you should respond to any feedback you get. It demonstrates that you’re interested and that there’s a genuine person behind the profile.

In the first hour after a post, Instagram’s algorithm has a significant impact. It’s important to collect as many likes and comments as possible during this period so that Instagram can expose your post to more people.

Visit the account of a new follower and send them a kind message. Make sure it’s not just a bunch of fluff.

Alternatively, you may write them a personal message in which you introduce yourself and thank them for following you. The most important thing to remember is to tailor this message to the recipient.

Anyone who enjoys your work but doesn’t leave a comment may benefit from this as well. Even if it’s only an adorable dog you may remark on, try to discover a common ground between you two.

It’s important to personalise even if you utilise a pre-written message. Ask them a question and address them by their first name. Who is their favourite artist? How did they discover your Instagram account?

People will remember you more if you make personal ties with them. In addition, your material is more likely to be seen and interacted with favourably by them.

9. Use Instagram Reels And Stories To Keep Up With The Latest Trends.

You may have noticed that Instagram has become more than simply a photo-sharing site in recent months. In fact, the new Instagram algorithm is heavily favouring Instagram Reels, which is no surprise.

Reels are Instagram’s most popular sort of content at the moment. In particular, this is true if you’re attempting to expand your audience or get new followers.

Instagram encourages individuals to produce this sort of video content that can be seen in a few hours. Because of this, if you publish Reels, they will be seen by many more people than if you just posted an ordinary shot. The more Reels you publish, the more people will see them, and it’s like a snowball effect.

Which of the following best describes your situation: You should definitely think about making Reels as an option. As a result, marketers are making this sort of content a major element of their Instagram strategy. For example, after using Reels, Later has witnessed a 280 percent increase in interaction.

A reel is a short video that may be amusing, educational, or inspirational. The trends change so quickly that it’s difficult to stay up with them.

It’s not only text that works well in this format, however. It’s a lot of fun to monitor the progress of an artwork in real time.

Keep your reels short and sweet, since you won’t be able to include much in only 10-15 seconds. If you use popular music for your Reel, it may become viral.

Staying on Top of the Trends: Use Instagram Reels and Stories

When making reels in bulk, a programme like InShot may save you a lot of time. Compared to the official Instagram app, our free version is significantly smoother and less prone to errors. Tutorials are readily available online to teach you the most fundamental video editing abilities. Once you’ve uploaded your Reel to Instagram and added your music, you’re ready to share.

Last but not least, keep a watch out for new developments in the world of Reel. And if you can, reply to them from an artist’s standpoint if you can. Take a look at how other small companies are utilising Reels and get some ideas!

10. Take Advantage Of Instagram Stories To Build A Stronger Relationship With Your Fans

You should also be aware of another content format. Instagram Stories are 24-hour-long video clips that may be seen by anybody using the Instagram app. Rather of being polished, they have a more down-to-earth demeanour.

Instagram Stories is a terrific way to provide a glimpse into your creative process with your followers. You’re free to talk about your private life here, as long as you don’t go too personal.

It’s also a great chance to demonstrate your creative process to others. This way, they’ll know what you’re working on and when it’s ready to be sold in your shop.

Aside from being a marketing tool, stories’ genuine worth is in the connections they make. In order to establish client loyalty, it is important to publish often.

Using the engagement stickers, such as polls and sliders, while uploading Stories is a bonus tip. People are more likely to engage with your material if they can interact with it in a fun and engaging way.


If you want to be a successful artist, Instagram might be a significant weapon in your arsenal. It’s up to you whether you utilise it to sell your paintings online or to build your internet reputation.

Artists, on the other hand, might benefit greatly from this social media platform. You can make the most of it if you know how. I hope these tips help get your career off to a good start!

Do you have any concerns about uploading your work on Instagram? Share your experience with me and your Instagram art handle if you’d like.

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